Message To Our Clients About Lighting

Lighting is an artful science and a crucial element of interior and exterior decor. Conjuring definition from darkness requires a master plan, and serious engineering.

The interior and exterior of your structure have both public and private zones; the street facade and the rear of the structure respectfully.

The front of the structure is all about the arrival of the guest. The entrance welcomes your guest and creates the first impression. Master designer Alton  knows how to define architectural details, plants, and garden features. Pathways must be visible, and the front door should always be the brightest point. The relationship of one level of brightness to an object and the visual contrast of lighting hierarchy can span safety, security, and aesthetics and address individual tasks and features.

For the exterior, the best time to design a lighting plan is when the overall "bones" of the landscape have settled, and the plants are selected and growing. We begin by assessing your favorite views from various rooms and design the lighting landscape accordingly. We use a variety of fixtures and light display ranges to sculpt each sense in 3-d while respecting the use of darkness and the ambient glow of the city night.

Proper lighting provides architectural definition and reveals the ground plane (showing a planting or painting) and connects you to the artist or the earth. Landscapes and gardens flourish over time, so lighting plans may need to be flexible until the garden matures.

The proper lighting of a tree creates the dramatic effect of shimmering leaves and shadows. We highlight accents for your audience using decorative fixtures, posts, and pendents as "jewelry" for the structure.

We feel that when it comes to infrastructure, oversize everything, because you have to have room for the future.

Your interior lighting will take on a life of it's own. The precise placing and lighting will enhance the beauty of your interior and art work. Our soft lighting design will create a romantic and stunning visual atmosphere for you and your loved ones.